How To Find The Right Bathroom Tile

Searching for a bathroom tile is not unlike shopping for a backsplash. To get the easiest (and best) results, bring in the sample of the cabinet, and if the cabinet is solid in color (white or off white), you should also bring in the countertop.

Again, pictures aren’t the best because of the color distortion, but they are better than nothing. If the cabinet is white or off white, it is important to bring the sample because there are many more shades of white than people think. White is not white is not white. You can get yellow or blue whites and not realize it until it is compared to a pure white, like your toilet or tub.

One should decide where to put the decorative emphasis. If the floor will be the focal point, then a beautiful mosaic or patterned cement tile (or porcelain look alike) could be the route to take. The latter has been quite popular over the last few years. Usually this will point you toward a calmer wall tile selection.

On the other hand, if you wish to make the wall tiles your focus, you have many options. You may choose a fairly simple wall tile, like a pure white subway look, or a quiet Carrara (white and gray marble-look) tile, and then amp it up. Whether you do a simple glass or stone mosaic border, or a water jet patterned mosaic, you will be making a statement. The water jet is frequently done when you have a wall that emerges as a focal point, like a back wall of a shower, or an area over the toilet and vanity. Most times, if it is done as an inlay, with pencil (1/2″ full round) molding to separate it from the field tile.

Hopefully this begins to assist you with your bathroom tile selection.